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What Marvel has done to the character of Cassie Lang in the comics is far worse than I thought — and I thought it was pretty bad.

For those of you only familiar with the "Ant-Man" theatrical film, Cassie Lang, the daughter of second Ant-Man Scott Lang, has been a far more significant character in the comics than she was in the movie. Cassie, as a teen, became a super-heroine in her own right under the code name Stature, using Pym particles both to shrink and grow. A mainstay of a team called the Young Avengers, she was also the first of that team to become a full-fledged Avenger. Marvel killed Cassie in a battle with Doctor Doom a few years ago, but he restored her to life recently.

But Cassie didn't resume her heroic career after her revival, instead trying to live a normal life for reasons that were never entirely made clear in the "Ant-Man" comic, which focused on Scott, not Cassie. She has had no contact with her best friend from her Young Avenger days, and it seems no one has noticed that an Avenger who had a public identity (Cassie) is now back among the living, even though she's still using her real identity — except of course, for bad guy Darren Cross.

It seems Cross needed a heart infused with Pym particles, and Cassie's fit the bill, so he kidnapped her (with no real trouble — surprising, since Cassie had taken self-defense classes before getting powers precisely because there were so many kidnapping attempts on her, not to mention her combat training as an Avenger) and stole her heart! He had it surgically removed and replaced with an ordinary heart.

In the real world, this would mean problems for the rest of a person's life, a lifespan of only about 20 years on the replacement heart before it gave out, the possibility of a symptomless heart attack since the nerve endings to warn of a heart attack aren't connected. It means that Cassie would die in her mid-30s in all likelihood.

There now are questions if Cassie can ever resume her heroic career, and her role as yet another female victim seems secure. This was a noteworthy character, now thrown in the rubbish heap.

This is a travesty, and a heartless way to treat a character who simply deserves better.


Mac Rome

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