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As some of you know, I took a catastrophic fall off some stairs in May that, among other injuries, fractured my skull and caused bleeding into my brain. I'd been medically cleared to return to normal activity with almost no sign of the brain injury, so I thought that was the last of it.

But, once I was regularly in brighter light, I noticed slightly dark shapes that shifted around in my field of vision. These shapes are called floaters, and are normally a function of aging. But they can be caused by a severe blow to the head — and can be an early sign of a detached retina.

As I waited to be allowed to drive, I didn't think too much of the floaters. But then I realized they had worsened in one eye. I also thought of some of my fellow deviants here who've had eye issues — giantess-cassie, with whom I'm currently working on a comic for a new line of comic books, and chibibiscuit. Chibi's recent journal entry on his own vision issues, and on waiting longer than he should have to get them checked out, particularly moved me to action.

It turns out that I have spots on my left eye that could be tears or holes in the retina — and may be the beginning of a detachment. For now, it's a monitoring situation until the doctors can determine what, if anything, needs to be done. Thankfully, this is an early catch. If anything does need to be done, it will be done sooner and with less work needed because of finding it now.

Let me add my voice to those who've said this: Don't take your eyes for granted. If you're having an issue with your vision, get it checked out. It may save you expense. It may even save your sight.


Mac Rome

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Heh I love your stories. Do you post all of them here or are some exclusively on giantessworld?
macromega Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Actually, these days I've gone pro. I have more stories here than at giantessworld because some, like "Ferb's Family Visit," are fan fictions that have no size-change element. But most of my new writing is for Giantess Fan Comics, Expansion Fan Comics and the upcoming, soon to start Female Muscle Fan Comics. I've also published four books, and have a fifth set for release this fall. But I still hope to post a few fan-fiction size-change stories here, too!
Roleplaylover15 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
Ah gotcha. Some of my favorites are flower child and the amish giantess and sunshine over the mountains
macromega Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Actually, those are some of my favorites, too.

I've got a comic book coming out next month that is the start of a series bringing the concept of "The Amish Giantess" into comics form, although this is a very different story. It's called "The Outgrowing." It's definitely an adult comic.

I'm really glad you like my stories!
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